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We’ll provide assessment, therapy, and support services to help your child with speech‐language delays‐all in an engaging, environment!   

Kindergarten Guide



We’ll provide assessment, therapy, and support services to help your child with fine motor, sensory processing, self‐regulation, self‐help skills and overall success within daily activities and tasks‐in an engaging environment!   




We provide teletherapy services utilizing interactive technology.  We are creating and utilizing our custom interactive technology and applications within a fun and engaging environment.  




We provide habilitative and rehabilitative services and therapy/programs, as well as consultative services. We utlize evidence-based practices and interventions to help adults achieve success within their personal and professional lives.

Learning is Fun

The Speech & Language Corner, PLLC is creating and designing apps to help children acquire and learn alphabet letter knowledge, speech production, and emergent phonological awareness skills, and purposeful play experiences.  We represent a new generation of interactive technology that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of children and families.  Our technology dramatically expands the opportunities and experiences available to our clients. 


Through the implementation of interactive technology and software packages, coupled with evidence-based practices, we strive to improve diagnostic measures and intervention strategies for speech and language disorders in addition to related disorders within a therapeutic environment.   We are utilizing virtual reality components to create intelligent apps to provide children with deeply involved, real-life experiences.

The Speech Phonology Place app by New Mie Go is a fun and engaging app created by Dr. Dixon-Thompson, for children ages pre-school and up to develop and learn spoken sounds and emergent phonological awareness skills.


I would recommend Speech & Language Corner, PLLC and their therapists to everyone!   My twins are currently receiving speech and language therapy and we are so pleased with the services.  


The Speech & Language Corner, PLLC has worked with our children at our early intervention location for two years. Therapists have provided screenings, evaluations, observations, consultations, and mini-lessons to children on her caseload and children not receiving services.   

Childcare Teacher

Dr. Thompson, lead therapist of the Speech & Language Corner, PLLC has helped my son for more than a year.   Therapy was provided to him even after he moved to another daycare.  He is able to speak and be understood more by family and peers.   


Kids in Preschool


  • What are the benefits of referring to a private practice?
    Patients have a wider choice of providers beyond hospitals and outpatient centers Patients' travel time will likely be reduced Patients can access a practice that may be smaller than a hospital or outpatient center
  • Refer patients/clients who have problems with:
    Swallowing Speech Voice/fluency Language Cognitive-communication (thinking, memory, and attention)
  • What documentation is needed?
    The Speech-Language and Occupational Therapists develop plans of care Physicians approved plan of care Recertification occurs at least every 90 days or whenever the long term goals change The Speech-Language and Occupational Therapists documents progress towards goals in compliance with Medicare/Medicare guidelines
  • What do my patients gain from speech-language and occupational therapy services?
    Families and their children who are at risk or have developmental disabilities present a broad spectrum of needs that our certified and/or speech-language and occupational therapists are uniquely qualified to address. Speech-language and occupational therapy assessment, identification, and intervention services and supports Patients work to achieve maximum functioning of skill areas They learn to use strategies and compensations for communicating in social, educational, and work settings. Families learn how to help patients and improve their quality of life.
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