The Speech & Language Corner, PLLC is a Charlotte based company that provides unparalleled therapeutic services for children ages birth to 21 years old, in addition to adults and seniors.  Our commitment to providing the highest quality of services throughout the Carolina's has enabled us to become one of the premier service providers within our geographic region.


We represent a new generation in interactive technology that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of children and families.   Our technology dramatically expands the opportunities available to our clients.  We have a talented team that is composed of the brightest speech language pathologists, cutting edge designers, programmers, and visionaries that provide us with a  high degree of resources, which enables us to meet the needs of our clients.


The SLC continually exceeds goals and goes above clients expectations by providing caring, compassionate, diagnostic evidenced based practices by implementing intervention strategies for our therapeutic sessions in child development centers, daycare's,, senior care locations as well as within the home.


We have a number of services that include:

  • Screenings to assess speech, language, motor, and literacy skills.

  • Evaluations to assess and determine specific disorders and skill levels.

  • Therapy services are provided to prevent, acquire, or rehabilitate speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.  

  • Communication disorders includes speech (articulation, voice, linguistics) and language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, both receptive and expressive language, including reading and writing). 


These services are direct, indirect, consultative, and supportive to address clients’ unique needs and current levels of functioning.  


Utilizing current and evidenced based practices and research, we develop therapy activities and tasks that are designed to meet client’s specific needs.


We also offer expanded services along with referral services which include:

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy


All of our services are offered within the most naturalistic settings (i.e. at schools, daycare's, detention facilities, senior care facilities and within a clients home environment).


Dr. Thompson owner & lead therapist of the Speech & Language Corner, PLLC has helped my son for more than a year.   Therapy was provided to him even after he moved to another daycare.  He is able to speak and be understood more by family and peers.   His social skills and behavior have also improved.   We appreciate and value the progress he has made.  Thank you Speech & Language Corner, PLLC.

Corey P.

The Speech & Language Corner, PLLC has worked with our children at our early intervention location for two years. Therapists have provided screenings, evaluations, observations, consultations, and mini-lessons to children on her caseload and children not receiving services.   Services are provided to our preschool in an engaging way and the children love learning through play.   Our pre-kindergarten children also are learning communication, literacy, and social skills.   The children have story book experiences; speech, language, and vocabulary skills development; problem-solving experiences; and social play experiences.   Additionally, The Speech & Language Corner, PLLC also provides our preschool a donation of profits to use for our wish lists, teacher/staff breakfast goodies, etc.

Amy L. & Latoya W.

I would recommend Speech & Language Corner, PLLC and their therapists to everyone!   My twins are currently receiving speech and language therapy and we are so pleased with the services.  We find their therapists very knowledgeable, organized, hard working in planning, preparing, and delivering services to our daughters.   The therapy is research-based and has helped our girls improve with their communication skills development.  Additionally, our girls have become more out-going and confident.  We love the Speech & Language Corner, PLLC.

Madison & Morgan D.

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